Pride in the Past

The Berwyn Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1919 and began operation with one hose reel and a hand-pulled soda acid tank. The Department’s somewhat limited equipment was housed at Trot and Owens Store near the old streetcar line and Berwyn Road.

From its inception and incorporation in 1919, and until 1922, the Department provided fire protection for Berwyn, Berwyn Heights, and Branchville. However, due to delayed response created by distance and the existing tracks bisecting the areas, the citizens considered the possibility of locating a second fire station somewhere east of Berwyn.

In 1922, Albert Johnson, in conjunction with the Berwyn Improvement Association, donated a lot to the Department north of Berwyn on Branchville Road. Arguments ensued between members as to where apparatus should be kept and sometime in 1923 the Berwyn apparatus was moved to Berwyn Heights where it was housed in Buffington’s garage.