The 1990′s

The 1990’s find the Department reflecting upon a proud past and preparing for a dynamic future. The men and women of the Department continue to make success possible by creating value for the public through the services they provide. The Department has recently attempted to secure long-term financial strength in order to meet the challenges of the future and continue to serve the public in innovative ways. This has been made possible by continuing annual fund drives in the community, and other creative programs such as Casino Night fund raising.

The present success of the Department is exemplified by the highest membership rate in a decade, members who are highly trained and proud to serve as volunteers in the community. In addition, the Department has been able to maintain a fleet of apparatus consisting of state-of-the-art equipment. In 1990 the twenty-two year old Rescue Squad was replaced with a new vehicle, and in 1992 the twenty-four year old Ladder Truck was replaced. Also purchased in 1992 was a new Pumper and a new Ambulance. The Department also replaced the Rescue Boat that had been in service since 1945.

The twenty-four year old firehouse also underwent change in 1992 when construction started on an addition and major renovation. With the expansion to the station, the need for additional space to store the apparatus, as well as the need to improve the sleeping, living, and administrative requirements of the Department have been addressed.

Today the Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department is ready to provide quality service to the citizens and the community of the future.