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 Bunkroom Live-In Openings

The Berwyn Heights VFD currently has openings in our Bunkroom Live-In program. Live-in bunkroom members do not have to pay rent, but are responsible for meeting greater attendance and participation requirements.

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 2nd Rescue Squad in Laurel


Shortly after 2130 hours on September 12th, units from the Laurel area were dispatched for the personal injury accident with entrapment at the intersection of Laurel-Bowie Rd and Contee Rd. Rescue Squad 49 [Laurel] found a multiple vehicle accident with multiple patients trapped in different vehicles. Rescue Squad 49 requested an additional Rescue Squad bringing Rescue Squad 14 to the scene. Rescue Squad 14 extricated 1 patient from a work van before assisting Rescue Squad 49 with a patient that was pinned in a sedan. Rescue Squad 14 was ready for service at 2224 hours.

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 2nd Alarm Townhouse Fire in Bladensburg


At 1647 hours on September 12th, Rescue Squad 14, Chief 14A, and Chief 14B were dispatched to the 5400 block of 57th Ave in Company 13’s area. Shortly after units marked enroute, the address was updated to the 5400 block of Doris Court off 57th Ave in Company 9’s area. Engine 9 arrived to find a 3 story middle of the group town home with smoke showing. Rescue Squad 14 was the first arriving special service and initiated a search while Chief 14A established command. While units put a good knock on the bulk of the fire, there was obvious extension into both exposures leading command to request the 2nd alarm. Rescue Squad 14 searched all 3 floors of the initial fire unit and assisted Engine Company 9 open up and check for extension. All searches were negative and the fire was brought under control after 3o minutes. Rescue Squad 14 assisted with overhaul before returning to service at 2002 hours.


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 Back to School Night at BHES


On September 10th, Rescue Squad and Ambulance 14 attended the Berwyn Heights Elementary School “Hello Husky” Back to School Night. As in the past, our members focused on educating the younger members of our community on the importance of fire safety and smoke detectors. The Rescue Squad and Ambulance were also on display, and our members fielded tons of questions from the kids about our apparatus and what they do. It is always a pleasure to attend events such as this and interact with out community!

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 Forcible Entry Training with Greenbelt City Police ERU


On Wednesday September 10th, the Greenbelt City Police Department’s Emergency Response Unit came to Company 14 to train with out forcible entry prop. Members from Company 14 reviewed the basics of forcible entry with the officers before they spent an hour practicing the various methods for forcing inward and outward swinging doors. As a department we are fortunate to have a good working relationship with the Greenbelt Police Department and look forward to future interdepartmental training!

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 Berwyn Heights Public Health and Safety Day


On Saturday September 6th, Rescue Squad 14 and the Ambulance participated the Berywn Heights Public Health and Safety Day at the town hall. Our members set up a booth to educate the public on the importance of fire safety and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. The public was also able to get their blood pressure checked for free! At noon, the Rescue Squad demonstrated extricating a trapped patient from a car. Thank you to all who came out and supported a healthy community!

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 Beltsville Commercial Building Fire


At 0512 hours on September 5th, Engine 31 was dispatched for an investigation of smoke in the area. Shortly thereafter Engine 31 found a 1 story commercial building with smoke showing in the 10400 block of Tucker St. and requested box. Rescue Squad 14 was the first arriving special service and began forcing entry and conducting a primary search. The crew assisted the engine company by opening up and checking for any extension towards the rear of the structure. Rescue Squad 14’s driver opened up on the exterior with personnel from Truck 12. All primary searches were negative and the were utilities controlled. Rescue Squad 14 was ready for service at 0605 hours.

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 2 Trapped on Kenilworth Ave


At 2324 hours on September 2nd, Rescue Squad 14 responded to the area of Kenilworth Ave and Old Calvert Rd for the personal injury accident with entrapment. Engine Company 7 had arrived to find a single vehicle off the road with two priority one patients trapped. Rescue Squad 14 stabilized the vehicle and rapidly extricated both patients. Rescue Squad 14 was ready for service at 2359 hours.

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 Extrication on the Capital Beltway


At 1216 hours on August 27th, Rescue Squad 14 responded to the inner-loop of the Capital Beltway in the area of Goodluck Rd for the personal injury accident with entrapment. Units arrived to find a multiple vehicle accident with 1 overturned and 1 trapped. Rescue Squad 14 stabilized the vehicle before removing the roof to extricate the patient. Rescue Squad 14 was ready for service at 1312 hours.

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 Technical Rescue at Six Flags America


At 1423 hours on August 10th, Rescue Squad 14, Technical Support 14, Chief 14, and Chief 14A responded to the Six Flags America Amusement Park for the high angle rescue. The roller coaster “Joker’s Jinx” had become disabled approximately 80 feet above the ground, stranding 24 passengers in the cars. Technical rescue personnel made access to the stranded cars by climbing the tracks in order to secure the cars and determine the condition of the passengers. Crews determined that no one was in distress and provided the passengers with water and umbrellas to keep them cool.

The Rescue Group determined the best course of action was to place each passenger in a rescue harness and move them to Aerial Towers to be brought to the ground. Due to the location of cars and their distance off the ground, Aerial Towers were requested from Andrews Air Force Base and Fairfax County Virginia because of the length of their ladders. Once the Aerial Towers were in place, 3 teams of technical rescue personnel assisted the passengers into rescue harnesses, secured them to life lines, and assisted them to the waiting aerial towers. All 24 passengers were removed from the roller coaster without incident and refused treatment or transport to the hospital.

Chief 14 [McCoy] had the Six Flags Command; Chief 14A [Fabrizio] was the Rescue Group Supervisor

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 House Fire in Laurel


Shortly after 2000 hours on August 2nd, Truck 14 and Chief 14B responded to the 13700 block of Engleman Dr for the house fire with reports of entrapment. PSSC advised units responding that they were receiving reports of a garage fire with children trapped and jumping from windows. Units arrived to find a reportedly vacant two story single family dwelling with fire showing from the attached garage. Truck 14, 3rd due, was initially assigned to be the rapid intervention team and removed plywood and bars from windows. Command then instructed Truck 14 to split their crew of 8 and assisted with the secondary search throughout the structure. All searches were negative. Truck 14 was ready for service at 2135 hours.

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