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 Bunkroom Live-In Openings

The Berwyn Heights VFD currently has openings in our Bunkroom Live-In program. Live-in bunkroom members do not have to pay rent, but are responsible for meeting greater attendance and participation requirements.

Contact us for further information or to apply.

 Door Pop in Greenbelt


At 2257 hours on July 14th, Rescue Squad 14 responded to the intersection of Greenbelt Rd and Mandan Rd for the personal injury accident with entrapment. Units arrived to find a multiple vehicle accident with 1 driver trapped. Rescue Squad 14 stabilized the vehicle and removed the driver’s door to extricate the patient. Rescue Squad 14 was ready for service at 2314 hours.


 First Due Truck on 34 House


At 2122 hours on July 12th, Truck 14 responded as the first due special service to the 8700 block of 21st Place for the house on fire. Due to another box alarm in the area, Truck 14 and the engine company from Montgomery County Station 12 were the first to arrive. Units reported a 1 story single family with smoke showing and requested the working fire dispatch. A fire was located in the basement and quickly knocked down. Truck 14 searched the house with negative results and assisted the engine company by opening up and ventilating. Truck 14 was ready for service at 2340 hours.

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 Rescue Squad on Second Alarm in Bowie


At 1633 hours on July 12th, PSCC dispatched the box alarm to the 13900 blk of Grenfell Pl. in Company 39′s area.  Units arrived on the scene with fire showing from a middle of the group townhouse.  Shortly there after, Rescue Squad 14 was transferred to Company 6 (Springdale). While enroute, Command requested the second alarm bringing Rescue Squad 14 to the scene. The crew was assigned to open up, overhaul and assist with controlling the utilities in the fire building and the bravo exposure.  Rescue Squad 14 was ready at 1837 hours.

 Grease Fire at McDonalds


At 1144 hours on July 10th, Truck 14 and Chief 14A responded to the 8300 block of Baltimore Ave for the report of fire coming from the roof the McDonalds. Chief 12 arrived on scene with fire showing from the roof and a report fire in a fryer. Truck 14, 2nd due, was assigned to the roof to open up around the duct-work. The fire was quickly placed under control and Company 14 was ready for service at 1244 hours.

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 Basement Fire in Laurel


At 0915 hours on July 6th, Truck 14 & Chief 14 were dispatched for the reported townhouse fire in the 15000 block of Courtland Pl. Units arrived on scene confirming a working basement fire. Truck 14 was initially assigned rapid intervention and proceeded to  assist units with ventilation and other exterior assignments. Part of the trucks crew was split and reassigned to check for extension on all levels and assist with overhaul. Chief 14 assisted at the command post. Truck 14 was ready for service at 1005 hours.

 7200 blk of Morrison Dr


At 1804 hours on July 4th, Truck 14 was dispatched for the street alarm on Morrison Dr. While enroute Battalion 6 called for the full box alarm. Units arrived on scene to find smoke showing from side charlie. Truck 14′s crew along with Engine 35 found a shed on fire on side charlie with extension to the house and the deck, as well as some brush. TK 14′s crew initiated a quick primary and secured utilities while removing siding and checking for interior extension. The fire was contained to the shed. Truck 14 was ready for service at 1838 hours.

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 Morning Extrication for Rescue Squad 14


At 1009 hrs on July 1st Rescue Squad 14 responded to South Bound I95 in the area of Powder Mill Rd for a personal injury accident involving a box truck. Engine 841 arrived to find a box truck on its side with the driver trapped. Rescue Squad 14 arrived and stabilized the box truck, removed glass, and removed the roof and steering wheel to free the driver. Rescue Squad 14 was ready for service at 1059 hrs.

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 Passing of Donna Hook


Our hearts are sadden by the sudden loss of Donna J. Hook, BHVFD Ladies Auxiliary Life Member and Past President. Donna was an active member of the auxiliary for many years serving on several committees. She was a key member of the hook up team competing at county conventions in the 70′s and 80′s. Donna also was a member of the ladies bowling team in the LAPGCVFRA Bowlling league on Friday nights. She loved to bake and was famous for her Texas Sheet Cake that she made for dessert for Monday Night Bingos.

Donna is preceded in death by her husband Life Member and Past Chief Thomas Hook and past member of BHVFD and Asst. Chief of Hyattsville VFD James Hook. She is survived by her daughter Brenda Hook, grandsons, Tyler Barnes and Tommy Hook, sister Toni Cooksey, daughter in law Lori Beth Hook, nephew David Cooksey and his wife Jessica and great nephew Brayden Cooksey.

Please keep the Hook family in your thoughts and prayers.

Arrangements will be posted at a later date.

 Extrication in Bladensburg


At 1723 hours May 27, Rescue Squad 14 responded to Annapolis Road and 57th Ave in Company 9 first due for a personal injury accident with entrapment. Engine 9 arrived on scene to confirmed one patient trapped in a passenger van. Rescue Squad 14 arrived and stabilized the passenger van. Crews then removed the driver side door and the entire passenger side of the van. Crews then removed the front passenger seat in order to provide better access to the patient. Rescue Squad 14 picked up and returned to service at 1755 hours.

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 Second Due Truck on Fire in Langley Park


At 1807 hours on May 25th, Truck 14 and other area units were alerted for the apartment fire in the 8000 block of 14th Ave. in Company 34′s area. Units arrived on the scene to find smoke showing from the top floor on side charlie. Truck 14 arrived and was assigned RIT by Command and was also asked to assist with ground ladders on sides alpha, bravo, and charlie.  A portion of the Truck crew was also assigned to perform a secondary search on divisions 1 and 2, which came up negative.  Truck 14 returned to service at 1903.

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